Your Identity In Christ

You are a spirit critter in an earthsuit (body); you are not a physical being with a spirit. Here’s proof: God is Spirit and you were created in His image; Jesus is Spirit; the Holy Spirit is Spirit; angels are spirit critters; Satan is a spirit critter; demons are spirit critter; lost folks are dead-spirit critters who indwell living earthsuits; saved folks are live-spirit critters ho temporarily live in earthsuits. The whole ball game is spirit, gang. This is your true identity. If you are saved, you are already who you will be 134 years from now, a righteous, holy son of God.

Many see our identity in Christ as but a “paper transaction” in the imagination of God which is of no practical use to us until we die. They call it “positional truth” or “our position in Christ”. The Bible does not speak of positional truth or our position in Christ; it speaks the truth. If God said it, it’s true. My friend says, “Faith is living as if God tells the truth.”

The gospel is that through the finished work of Jesus, man can: (1) be transformed from sinner to saint so he can (2) experience intimate fellowship with Him, (3) bring honor to His reputation on earth [glorify Him] and (4) reign with Him forever.

Many know but 1/3 of this gospel; they know only that the Blood of Jesus Christ was shed for the forgiveness of our sins. Although this is wonderfully true, it falls woefully short of equipping you to bring glory to Jesus Christ through your life. You must appropriate the other 2/3 of the gospel to do this.

The second 1/3 of the gospel concerns Christ’s Body, not His precious Blood. Your identity was changed from sinner to saint through Jesus’ Body. It was in His Body that your old identity as a spirit-descendent of Adam died and was buried. Then in His resurrection Body you were raised (born again) as a new, holy spirit creature; it was in His resurrection Body that you ascended in Him to the Father’s right hand of glory where you are now totally, completely, unequivocally, unconditionally acceptable as a saint (holy one). His precious Body, not His precious Blood is the means by which this was accomplished for you. This time think: “I am in Christ”, instead of “Christ is in me.” That is the second 1/3 of the gospel.

Finally, the third 1/3 of the gospel centers on Jesus’ Life. You received new life from neither the Blood nor the Body, but by the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit indwells you for intimate fellowship and that you might experience Christ living His life through you. Only one Person ever lived the Christian life on earth … Jesus Christ. He alone can express resurrection Life through you. Many well-meaning Christians are trying to “live their life for God”. That’s not the third 1/3 of the gospel. You must use the same faith in Christ to live His Life through you that you are using to trust Him as your Savior. This time think: “Christ is in me” instead of “I am in Christ”. That’s the third 1/3 of the gospel.

Consider just a few of the abundance of “in Christ”, “in Him”, “in Whom”, “in Jesus”, etc. verses to discern your present true identity. You are already who you are going to be throughout all eternity. By beginning now to let Christ live (reign) through the new, the real you, you can “mature into full stature” and bring honor to Him by your lifestyle.


Rom. 3:24 Justified and redeemed Col. 3:1 Raised up with Him Free from sin’s power over me 3:3 My life is hidden with Christ in 8:1 Not condemned (God does not God (see this by faith) reject me, just my sinful per- Eph. 1:3 Blessed with every spiritual formance) blessing 15:7 Accepted. I am finally 1:4 Chosen, holy, blameless before accepted in Him! God I. Cor. 1:2 Sanctified (Holy) 1:7 Redeemed, forgiven 1:30 Have wisdom, righteousness 1:10- Have an inheritance sanctification, redemption. :11 in Heaven 15:22 Alive (formerly dead) 1:13 Sealed with the Spirit 2 Cor. 2:14 Always lead in His triumph 2:6 Seated in Heaven (now) (whether it appears so or not) 2:10 Created for good performance 3:14 My hardened mind is removed (which He can do through me) (mind transplant) 2:13 Brought near to God 5:17 A new creation (not an old 3:6 A partaker of the Promise garment with a new patch) 3:12 Have boldness and confident 5:21 The righteousness of God access to God (can’t get more righteous) 5:30 A member of His body Gal. 2:4 Have liberty (not inferior) 3:28 All are one (no inferiority) Phil. 4:7 His peace guards my heart and 4:7 A son and heir mind(not a peaceful feeling, but Col. 2:10 Complete (you can’t improve a knowledge) a perfect identity) 4:19 Have all needs (not greeds) supplied

Satan doesn’t care if you believe this. A man can believe in marriage, but not be married. Listen, you must grit your teeth! Claim the old, selfish, self-centered lord-of-the-ring died in Christ and that the new you, a lovely new spirit critter in Christ, lives with Christ as His Life. Choose to act like the Holy Spirit is expressing Christ’s agape Life through you (by faith) to do His work of reconciliation to a hurting world, by serving your family and others as living sacrifices.

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