Becoming A Different Toy

Now I’ve been told that the Purpose of life is to give glory to God through enjoying Him. My first thought was – That’s a great! But what about if you’re not a Christian? After a lot of thought I realized that whether you’re a Christian or not your purpose doesn’t change. We don’t decide […]

101 Healing Scriptures

How do we know whether it’s God’s will to heal us or not? What others say about it makes little difference. What did He say about it? Remember that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10: 34) and He never changes (Mal. 3:6). So what He said to them yesterday, He is saying to […]

A Lesson From The Past – Press On

How do people call you again? Servants of the Almighty, followers of Christ, disciples of Jesus, Jesus freaks – these and other names are connected to but one cluster of people, Christians. At this juncture, you might be having problems being a person who professes to know and believe in Christ. Just like a soldier […]

Day 7 Confessions

7. Day Seven Confessions DAY SEVEN My faith is effective, producing results and prevailing over circumstances as I put it to work today! I walk in victory, dominion and strength because I live by the faith of the Son of God; His Word dwells richly in my heart, building my faith strong. I’m thus positioned […]

Day 6 Confessions

6. Day Six Confessions DAY Six I’m inspired by today’s possibilities and tomorrow’s potentials. Through the Word of God, my mind is renewed and my spirit is enlightened to see my future and see the greatness, success, victory and prosperity which God has ordained to be my day-to-day experience in Christ! I’m a blessing to […]

Day 5 Confessions

5. Day Five Confessions DAY FIVE I have an excellent mind; the Spirit of God in me has given me extraordinary amplitude of comprehension; therefore I’m circumspect, and pay attention to details in every endeavor; the end of which is an excellent finish all the time! Blessed be the Lord! I’m fully persuaded that greater […]

Day 4 Confessions

4. Day Four Confessions DAY FOUR I’m what God says I am; a victor, an overcomer and more than a conqueror! Greater is he that is in me that he that is in the world. I keep the devil and his cohorts where they belong-under my feet; and I live perpetually in victory, health and […]

Day 3 Confessions

3. Day Three Confessions DAY THREE I’m enabled by the Spirit of God to consistently cultivate my recreated human spirit, making it a suitable environment for the Word of God to grow, prevail and produce results of what it talks about in my life. Through the Word that I receive today, the glory of God […]

Day 2 Confessions

2. Day Two Confessions DAY TWO The blessings and miracles that I require in my life are wrapped up in the Word; therefore, I go for the Word. My eyes and heart are always alert to recognize every opportunity to demonstrate my faith in God’s infallible Word. I’m a doer of God’s Word. Hallelujah. The […]

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