Abraham & Sarah Word Search Puzzle

Do download the pdf version to print click HERE. Do download the image version to print click HERE.

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30 reasons we are sure it’s God’s will

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction – How to Find the Will of God Chapter 1 God’s Word Is Medicine 15 Chapter 2 A Strong Spirit Will Sustain You 19 Chapter 3 In His Original Creation, There Was No Sickness 35 Chapter 4 His Will for Heaven and the World to Come 39 Chapter 5 The Origin […]

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Your Identity In Christ

You are a spirit critter in an earthsuit (body); you are not a physical being with a spirit. Here’s proof: God is Spirit and you were created in His image; Jesus is Spirit; the Holy Spirit is Spirit; angels are spirit critters; Satan is a spirit critter; demons are spirit critter; lost folks are dead-spirit […]

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I want to know about the Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the third aspect of God. When Jesus left the earth after his resurrection he promised to send us the Holy Spirit (Luke 24:49, John 14:15-17). What does the Holy Spirit do? The Holy Spirit shows us the truth (John 16:13) and he teaches us (John 14:26, […]

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I want to know about the Bible

What is the Bible? Bible means Book in Greek. It was called The Book because it is the most important book ever written. The Bible is God’s message to all people. It tells us how we can live a godly life and how we can get to heaven. It was begun in the time of […]

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