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The Best Mop for Vinyl Flooring: Short Product Reviews (2022)


Though they are more durable than natural hardwood floors, vinyl floor planks are still considered a type of sensitive floors. That means you have to be very careful with what you use to clean it. Using the wrong type of cleaning tool may result in damages to the planks.


In this guide, we’ll showcase some of our selections of the vinyl floor mops. Check them out and see if any of them could become your best mop for Vinyl floor!


Domi-Patrol Spray Mop, Microfiber Floor Mop



If you’re looking for a good spray mop, the Domi-Patrol will be an excellent pick. It comes with a built-in 21.4-ounce water tank. You can fill it with plain water or detergent. Then, when you need to apply the liquid onto the floor, you can spritz using a trigger on the handle.


Performance-wise, the mop does very well on vinyl floors. Our testers reported excellent dust and debris pick-up rate. Additionally, when we inspected the floor’s surface afterward, we didn’t find any damage.


The mop uses microfiber and chenille mopping pads, which are highly effective at scraping up stubborn debris and stains without damaging the sensitive floorboards.


In terms of build quality, the mop is built mostly from plastic. As a result, it looks and feels quite cheap. We’re also not confident regarding its durability.


HOMEXCEL Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System


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The HOMEXCEL’s advantage over the Domi-Patrol is that it has a far more simpler and traditional design. It has a metal handle that can be extended or retracted depending on your needs (from 36 inches to 51 inches). Meanwhile, the cleaning head is made from lightweight plastic, resulting in a strong yet also very lightweight design.


The HOMEXCEL microfiber mop floor cleaning system is highly maneuverable, having a 360° rotatable mopping head. Our testers reported having a great time using the mop around the house. The mop could be easily maneuvered around obstacles and tight corners.


The mop comes equipped with microfiber mopping pads, which is totally safe for use on vinyl floors. We have thoroughly tested the mop on our own stretch of vinyl floors, and the mop doesn’t leave any visible damage to the floor’s surface.


O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop



We’ll preface this by discussing the most distinguishing feature on the O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop: the water bucket comes with a wringer.


After dipping the mopping head into the bucket, you can insert the mop into the wringer. There will be a pedal outside of the bucket that you can step on, which will spin up the wringer. The mop—spun at high speed—will dry out with only a few steps.


In terms of performance, the mop generally performs very well on vinyl floors. It’s able to pick up most dirt and debris, and all without damaging the floor!


It does this partly thanks to the microfiber mopping pads that it uses. While it’s a kind of string mop, the braids are made from microfiber, which is soft enough for use on vinyl without damaging the surface.




These are some of the best mops that we have in our database. We hope you have found the best Vinyl floor mop to buy with this guide.


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