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Top leaf vacuum mulcher blower 

Faster and less tiring than a broom or rake, the leaf vacuum mulcher blower is ideal for collecting and vacuuming dead leaves. Another advantage: it grinds the waste to reduce its volume.

Leaf Vacuum Mulchers are the tools of the fall. Its blower facilitates the collection of leaves left on hard-to-rake gravel roads, along with steps or on lawns. Shredder mode reduces leaf mass by 90-94% and greatly simplifies transportation to landfills. Once crushed, the plant pile can be used for mulch.

The editorial board tested 6 models of vacuum blowers, meeting the most common needs of beginners or experienced DIYers.

One turbine for three functions

The machine's single impeller is used to blow, suck and grind at the same time. Either metal or plastic depending on the model, it is driven at high speed by an internal combustion engine or, as is the case with the machines tested here, by a lighter, less noisy electric motor and no pollution. It allows use up to about 900m².

Two different blower models

Unlike other engines, the first criterion of choice is not engine power. Here, it is necessary to take into account that the speed of the air determines the machine's ability to take off, suck, and then transport the plants to the bottom of the collection bag.

In blower mode, the exhaust speed is expressed in km/h and ranges from 180 to 418 km/h for the six machines tested. The suction force is expressed in m3/min (volume of air drawn in) and here it is from 7 to 16 m3/min. There are two types of vacuum blowers.

So-called "all-in-one" devices, such as the MTD or Ribiland, can switch from blower to suction in seconds, just by flicking the lever, but they're quite cumbersome.

The so-called "dissociation" patterns are the most common. On the engine block, one adjusts according to one's needs either a blower or a suction unit with a waste collection bag. This may take a minute or two. In blower mode, the "dissociated" models are therefore more manageable, but they also become cumbersome in suction mode.

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Criteria for choosing a leaf blower vacuum mulcher

The variable-speed actuator, available on all machines except the MTD and Stihl, gives you control overblowing and suction, reducing noise, dust, and even power consumption.

Grinding and suction take place simultaneously and special turbines are exposed. Metallic on Black + Decker and Stihl, they have good resistance. Those from Bosch, MTD, Ribiland, and Ryobi are in plastic, but with steel blades for Ryobi.

The turbine remains accessible for convenient cleaning or unlocking. In contrast, the MTD fan cannot enter because the motor housing has no openings, making it difficult to clean.

For waste collection, the six units of this test bench are equipped with a felt bag with a capacity of 45 to 50 liters. That thing of Stihl is particularly waterproof and barely lets any dust through.

Work carefully

To protect yourself from radiation, you should wear long pants and closed shoes. Protective glasses are welcome, and for prolonged use should wear earplugs or helmets.

Evaluation criteria for electric leaf vacuum mulchers

The blower mode is used the most (about 80% of the time), so blowing efficiency is an important selection criterion. It takes into account how easy it is to remove leaves and small plant waste and pile them up, an operation not so simple. The machine must have even breathing and be easy to handle.

For easy disposal of plant waste, suction efficiency is as important as blowing. The straw should be large enough to swallow large leaves and the machine should not be too heavy to maneuver. The quality of the grinding is also checked because the operation is performed at the same time as the suction.

Switching from blower to vacuum mulcher mode should be as simple as possible, especially with so-called "separators" where accessories must be completely disassembled to switch from one configuration to another. other configuration.

Putting the bag in place and emptying the bag is a routine operation and here, handling should be as simple as possible to minimize waste of time. The bags are usually equipped with a large zippered opening that allows for easy emptying of them.


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