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    Rev. Jay Smull

    Hi Sarah.

    I had my last eye done on May 8th. What a relief it was to have both eyes with nearly the same vision!!

    I have, except for a couple of days before this last surgery, been sick ever since my first. That is five weeks or feeling like nothing good. [:)] [:(]

    A chest cold, a stomach bug with fatigue (no vomiting though), an ulcer on my tongue and now sinusitis and laryngitis.

    Finally got a z-pack for this latest assault on my upper respiratory track and am gradually feeling better and getting my voice back, but not enough to do any singing yet.

    Best of luck to you.

    I just got the mono-focal lens and I will not need any glasses except for close work and reading, plus my astigmatism is nearly gone and my doc thinks it will disappear entirely, so I can buy OTC glasses and keep a pair in multiple places so I will have them at hand.

    I am thrilled! I hope you will be as well.

    Hugs and love.


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