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Re: [praizeop2] What questions do you ask?

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    Rev. Jay Smull

    Hi Sarah.

    As for speaking out, the social media world, mainstream media, politically correct universities, Left wing politicians, are working hard to prevent people from speaking out. And those people are Christians, as well as Constitutional Conservatives and any others who believe that the Western World must save itself.

    The First Amendment is being trampled and the Left would very much like to shred our Constitution.

    There is a blog on which I comment that is probably going to be banned from FaceBook, and while it isn’t Christian, it does report and comment on terrorist activities around the world, which means it comments and reports on Islamist attacks and the threat of losing the West to Islam.

    A big no-no anymore.

    I don’t know who might read my comments, but I still post them.

    I do believe that there are more of us than there are of them, Leftist/Socialist, that is. There are many on both sides that believe a Civl War is coming to America between those who want to continue onto Communism and those who want to “cling” to American traditions and our Constitutional Republic.

    The greater threat is the West’s apathy to fanatic and militant Islam, which has methodically placed its adherents around our nation and around the world. Is that something that would pull the West together when a surge of terrorist strikes take place? Well…it hasn’t done so yet. I wonder if such a surge of strikes in America might alter the apathy of Conservatives and sympathy of those on the Left?

    Let’s face the facts; Thomas Jefferson warned against Islam. The Islamic threat to the modern world that chooses a free democracy has been with us for hundreds of years. It keeps rearing its ugly head, as does Communism.

    More than just your generation has been speaking out and being ignored or had their comments downplayed to exaggeration and fear mongering or conspiracy theories.

    Things do seem to be coming to a head in this century, however. Europe and America and nations scattered around the globe must make their choices. Or maybe it just seems as if the conflict is peaking because I am living it. Maybe it has always seemed this way to those who are living in it.


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