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How to Pray Article Series – What Are the Benefits of Praying With Other People?

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    Rev. Jay Smull

    The therapist and the spiritual [url=]Manifestation Magic Review [/url] director will hear similar stories from their clients. The details of course are unique to the specific client, but the story told will be similar to that of previous clients. It will essentially be a human story of feeling unloved and lonely, overwhelmed by life, depressed, rejected, abandoned, and a sense that their life lacks meaning. A story of unhappiness.

    As the therapist and the spiritual director encourage their respective clients to tell their stories and the work of healing begins, the primary problem of the client begins to emerge. The client has been looking for answers to their problems out in the world. They have been searching for happiness in the secular language of security, money, prestige, control, and worldly power.As they listen to the client, the spiritual director and the therapist both begin to encourage and support a shift in the client from an outer focus on the world of objects toward an inner self-focus on their own thoughts and feelings. Over time, the client begins to shift his or her attention inward on the true sources of their pain. Their self awareness deepens.

    Since the goal of both disciplines is a deeper inner self-knowledge and the ability to pay attention to one’s thoughts and feelings it is not long before a new inner language of feelings, emotions, beliefs, assumptions, values, and meaning begins to develop between the client and his or her therapist or spiritual director.

    As this new inner language emerges, the client learns that spiritual growth and happiness is an internal work that can never be attained out in the world. This insight, that authentic spiritual growth and happiness come only through self-awareness and self-consciousness, emerges only as the client’s language of inner meaning develops.

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