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    Rev. Jay Smull

    I am okay with a president that has little class. It is their integrity more I count.

    Trump is awkwardly boorish, but the integrity that is beneath all that weird hair is fairly solid I believe.

    Trump blunders in situations, which he thinks should go his way…or America’s way…but that is the learning curve he is on, I think. And, I think Trump is intelligent and able to learn and has finally gathered around him more helpful and knowledgeable and trustworthy advisors.

    He is always going to be Trump and that has been long ago factored into the choice of those who support him.

    Biden has proved again and again that he is not to be trusted and when he blunders, it is because he can’t think on his feet.

    I think Biden is totally lacking in integrity.

    For all that I disagree with Sanders on nearly every single detail, I think he is solid on what he believes and lives with the integrity of any other Communist, who would be a leader.


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