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The Widening Chasm

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    Rev. Jay Smull

    The Left vs the Right, Conservative vs Liberal, Poor vs Rich, Christianity vs Islam, etc, etc. The world is awash in division. Wars and rumors of wars and nation against nation are a sign of the end times prophesied in the Bible.
    The Bible warns believers to come out from among those who don’t follow God’s commandments. So how is a believer to ‘come out from among them’? Start with removing children from public school indoctrination. The debt-based monetary system is about to change to entirely digital as soon as North Korea and Venezuela capitulate to the Central Banks imposed tariffs allowing the world bankers to create its own virtual digital currency. What are the alternatives to cash? Invest in precious metals to develop a community currency that multiple states in America have legalized as Legal Tender. A believer can also equip themselves with adequate firearms to protect those they love. Some towns & counties already require 100% gun ownership and even the Missouri Senate is debating having everyone over 21 own an AR-15 assault rifle.
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