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    Rev. Jay Smull

    Hi, Jeanne,
    I’m waiting for Jim to put Praize on GoDaddy for sale. He has been moving really slowly on this; so I have been practicing patience. I learned a long time ago that trusting in God allows others to do things differently from what I might do. It keeps the peace here in a lot of situations.

    You have my email addy, right? I don’t know how long this will work.
    I am having my second eye operated on next Tuesday. Funny we are both having them done at the same time. I will be really happy to have this taken care of. I will wear glasses just because I like the look of my face in glasses. Also, I spent some good money on them and I don’t want it all to go to waste.

    Have a meeting to go to tonight, so I will catch you later.

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