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Guide To The Best Code Editors Of 2020

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    Amelie Nelson

    Finding the best code editor can have a major impact on your productivity as a programmer.
    Fortunately, the market offers several opportunities to choose from. The real difficulty is being able to choose the right one.

    In fact, not all code editors are the same. It is up to the individual developer to evaluate which, among the different options offered by the market, best suits their way of working.

    So it becomes essential, from the point of view of productivity, to be able to devote some time to this choice.
    And that’s what we recommend you do.

    To help you we have thought to offer you a small overview of the main code editors currently in use. In particular we have selected 5:

    Sublime Text 3 has revolutionized the programming editor market. Lightweight, open and immediately ready after just one click to edit the code. Its simplicity is its strength and the reason for its success. Suitable for those who have no time to waste and want to have an immediate and powerful tool in their hands. Despite its extraordinary simplicity, Sublime Text can be “extended” through the implementation of additional plugins that extend its basic functionality.

    Visual Studio Code is an open source (strange, but true) code editor developed by Microsoft. It is very solid and performing, although in the startup phase it requires a bit of waiting for the features to load. In use it proves very fast in the execution and in the management of advanced editing functions. In recent years it has gained great popularity in the international developer community because it has some very interesting and innovative features that we invite you to explore by taking advantage of the fact that it is free.

    If you are a fan of GitHub, then Atom may be the code editor for you. In the initial phase of development he took inspiration from Sublime Text. However Atom is free and open source and offers immediate integration with Git and GitHub. Initially it suffered from slowness and stability, but the community has been able to optimize it over the years and today it can be said that it has nothing to envy to its older brother.

    Adobe also made its own free code editor. It’s called Brackets and it’s very complete. In addition, compared to the others, it can boast a well-made and highly usable front-end that make it a valid alternative to the other solutions presented here.

    Finally, a small mention for VIM, which among the code editors proposed here is perhaps the most controversial for a series of reasons that we will not be discussing here. It is an editor much appreciated by the programmers of the old school, those all “monitor and keyboard” and who can’t stand the graphic and visual trappings. Let’s say it represents the “old” way of editing, still valid only if you know how to do it.
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