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    I don’t think I need to explain that I didn’t have any clothes on. Therefore, in the mirror, I could also see my bare breasts with large dark green nipples. The breasts were quite large, at least they certainly wouldn’t fit in my palm. The abdomen was even and flat, and the waist in girth was noticeably narrower than the chest. But the hips in width with the chest almost coincided. Oh yes, it looks like I had not only gorgeous breasts, but also a rather large ass. This erotic picture was crowned with a rather rather big penis. During the time while I was distracted by other thoughts, he had already managed to relax, although not completely. If a couple of minutes ago he stuck out like a bayonet, now, having retained almost the same volume, he fell below the middle of the thigh. But even in this state, its length was only slightly short enough to reach the knee. My body looked attractive. At least that’s how it seemed to me. From these thoughts, the member began to rise again, but I made an effort of will not to drown again in my own excitement. This time, reason won over instincts and I managed to keep myself in control. Although the member still hardened again and stood like a stake, swaying slightly from side to side with each of my movements. There was nothing I could do about it. But now I had much more important things to do and it was very important to focus on them.
    I pressed my finger on my big lips and they parted to the sides letting me into the world full of desires. Anya exhaled sharply and snuggled closer to me. Her hand movements became more erratic and convulsive.
    After drinking, we talked. It turned out that she was traveling from the same travel agency as me, only for a shorter period. We drank to a lucky coincidence. Nicole got up and reached for her travel bag in the overhead bin. Having swayed, either from the rolling of the train, or from the drunk, she, as it were, accidentally imprinted her appetizing ass in my face. I caught her by the hips and my hands pulled up her already short skirt by themselves. There were no panties and my fingers went over a clean-shaven pubis, the tongue behind her ass. Nika sighed noisily and, pulling away, said:
    Sashenka, we are starting a new life, and we don’t give a damn about old sins and forget.
    “Have you considered my offer?” Natasha asked, lifting her skirt up to her panties. “Right here?! What if someone comes?” I asked, feeling my ears turn red and my breathing quicken. “Well, if that’s the only question, then don’t worry, now half of the university is walking on the street,” she said, leaning towards me, unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her chest. Come on, don’t be shy, no one will interfere, and Olka won’t even recognize! ”
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    It did. And 1997 was good too.

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