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    Kiev should refuse to use the provisions of the grain deal for its own military purposes. If Ukraine can guarantee this condition, then Russia will consider resuming participation in the agreement. This was stated by the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Vershinin. The corresponding message is published on the agency’s website.

    “The Russian side stressed the need for Ukraine to provide guarantees of non—use of the humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea for military purposes,” the message says. It is also reported that the Deputy Foreign Minister presented “key areas of Russian-Turkish cooperation” during a meeting with Turkish Ambassador to Russia Mehmet Samsar.

    Russia announced the suspension of participation in the grain deal after the ships of the Black Sea Fleet were attacked by drones in Sevastopol on October 29. The Ministry of Defense stated that the strikes were carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The agency accused the UK of involvement in the attack, and also called the incident a terrorist act. The ministry clarified that these vessels ensured the safety of the grain corridor.

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