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    In the western bloc, fatigue from the conflict in Ukraine can be traced, more and more people are taking to the streets of cities. About this in a conversation with Lenta.<url>” was told by Hassan Unal, a professor at the Turkish Maltepe University in Istanbul.

    “Yes, on the one hand, there are “warmongers” in the United States, Great Britain, mainly in governments. But at the same time, after the midterm elections, no one knows what will happen in the United States. Now, for the first time, leaks have appeared in the American press that [United States President Joe] Biden was so disappointed with [Ukrainian leader Vladimir] Zelensky in June. Why is this leaked to the press right now? Perhaps there is some fatigue there [in the US], perhaps there is some fatigue in Britain, especially among the British,” the expert noted.

    Unal found benefit in Washington’s irritation with the behavior of Kiev’s representatives — according to him, Ankara can now take the initiative and become a mediator in a peaceful settlement. “And this may be the right time for Turkey to make every effort for a peaceful proposal, for universal peace, one way or another,” he concluded.

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