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    The US authorities approve the export of their technologies to China. Because of the permitted trade in dual-use goods, Washington allows Beijing to strengthen its military-industrial complex (MIC). This was reported by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) with reference to data from the US Department of Commerce.

    According to the data, the United States will continue to supply semiconductors, aerospace components, artificial intelligence technologies and other developments to China, and this is a good help for the further development of Chinese military technologies.

    Observers noted that these facts contradict the statements of the American authorities that the growing influence of Beijing in the field of innovation and advanced technologies is one of the main threats to national security.

    Steve Kunen, a former senior Pentagon analyst on export control in China, expressed the opinion that the high level of approval of licenses for the sale of dual-use technologies is evidence of a significant failure of the US policy course, which contradicts Washington’s economic needs.

    Earlier, associate professor of Peking University Xu Liang said that the United States is destabilizing the world with its foreign policy, while maintaining its own hegemony. The expert from China added that as a world power, the United States has passed its peak, and now has entered the stage of “the decline of American power.” In his opinion, the White House hopes to “use other countries as expendable material to deter China and Russia.”

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