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    He could tell from her voice that she liked the surprise. Ivan, amazed by Slavina’s resourcefulness, apparently thought of the same thing, but no matter how much he wanted, Vika swam further at a depth, and he would not have succeeded with all his desire. When she saw that Slava and Ira were ready, she swam up to Ivan. He muttered inarticulately sinking into the water, and Vika climbed onto his shoulders. Hanging her legs and wearing sunglasses, she looked amazing, for a second Slava thought that it would be better if he was with Vika, as he remembered again that Ivan had a crush on her. Ivan was a jealous and a little naive guy, so Slava decided to try not to look at her too much in front of Ivan, because he could run into either a boring dialogue or something worse. Slava remembered that an equally attractive girl was also sitting on it, even if she was his cousin, but it was nice anyway. He put his hands on Ira’s hips and felt the pleasant coolness of her skin. Ivan looked at Slava and did the same with difficulty.
    Oh yes, this is a cold land.
    Zhenya got up a little, but without taking the cock out of my mouth, he began to move his pelvis.
    – Darling, even when he starts splashing me, I will think of you.
    I kept standing, and Vera stroked me under the T-shirt.
    However, I still couldn’t finish…
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