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Years ago. . .

One day I peered out the window,

Then I saw a beatiful rainbow,

And remembered a promise god made,

So many years ago.

I thought about the cross,

and thought of the lost,

And how a promise was fulfilled,

So many years ago.

A promise is forever,

You count on it whenever,

You thought that you would never,

So many years ago.

That God who put stars in space,

would look on you with loving grace,

So much that he would take your place,

So many years ago.

And when you are reminded,

Of being bound and blinded,

But how the darkness brightened,

So many years ago.

Then I had a revelation,

About a sweet salvation,

And how it changed the nations,

So many years ago.

So today I look out the window,

And think about the rainbow,

And a promise that I made,

Not so long ago.

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