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My wife and I would like you to help us get the word out to boycott the photographer Athen Grey. He photographs models, and recently posted some pictures on his web site, in which one of his models is portrayed as Christ. In and of itself, it’s not so bad, but he has depicted our Lord as a male stripper, hanged on a cross, with a nun putting dollar bills in the band of his underwear. If that wasn’t bad enough, the model (Christ) has an erection in which an anonymous hand is reaching to touch. It’s disgusting, blasphemous, and pornographic. This type of ‘art’ has no place in our society, not only corrupting the weak, but influencing the minds of our children. If you want to see the atrocity before warning other Christians, go to URL Removed due to TOS #7 & 27; the model is Peyton W.

Sincerely, Greg and Sarah Kempinger

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