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I am only thirteen, and i’m in eigth grade. I was sitting in church with two of my best friends. Pastor Chuck was preaching that you shouldn’t be concerned about what other people think, because you only need to worry about what heavenly father thinks. We’re on earth for a measly seventy years, some a little less and some a little more. We’re here to honor him in all we do. If you’re reading your bible at school or praying at a resturant, 999 people that see you might laugh and make fun of you, because they don’t understand, but 1 person might wonder about it, and you’ll be able to witness to them. To allow God to save somebody using us, the other 999 people can laugh their heads off. We’ve started taking our bibles to school, and that’s what we read during reading time. At lunch we all join hands and pray together. We’re just happy that we can be missionaries at our school. Praise the lord! Maybe churches in Kansas can grow because of the lesson pastor Chuck was preaching one Sunday.

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