Witches coming to my church?

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I am not sure on the legalitys and i can only speak from experiance. We had 1 gal that we kept a eye on as we suspected the same as you do. We really covered the church with prayer, the alter, the seats in the church, the door…the pastor, the members…the for corners…and the street. We put our armor on and prayed continually for each other as well. We deicided not do anything at the begining but prayer, as maybe, just maybe we could get this person filled with Jesus and emptied of her stuff. It all went on for several months, she would appear less and less and then she has not came at all. We were attacked with very serious accidents, illnesses that were out of the ordianary and just plain different attacks.

I personally wanted her in the sanctuary, and hear the word and be set free….but it did not happen. Always weigh things out with prayer, they could be very well women with a passion for prayer. Ask the Lord to show you what they’re intentions are, and the steps you need to take, He will do that as well.

I ask you Father to watch and guide over this situration. Protect and love here, show what needs are neccessary here and provide them. Fill them with wisdom to make the right choices and cover them with your blood. Make this into a awesome testamoney of you healing touch! Hallelujah!

Please use caution and prayer!

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