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A lot of different commentaries agree that Wisdom is personified in proverbs 8,yet they don’t agree that She is a real Person much less the One and only Goddess.I do because in Genesis The Lord says let US make them in our image and in Proverbs 8 is the only place in scripture were i find anyone who claims to have been at creation personally.and in proverbs 8:22-25 The description of Her birth parallels the creation of Adam and Eve,and since The Messiah says in John 5:39 that the scriptures point to Him and in luke 7;35 and matthew 11:19 He says Wisdom is a She.To me the scriptures Here read as Wisdom was brought forth/born from Him before there was anything else created or to be created with.

In Psalm 45 as i read the scriptures and have been lead to them,there seems to me to be a promise to The Messiah of a literal Queen/Bride who stands by Him and their children(us) will become kings and queens later on.In luke 11:49 it says in the greek The Wisdom The of God who appoints apostles and prophets.

In Genesis 1:24 it says the man and the woman will be as one….This is true also of Love (1John4:8) and Wisdom (proverbs 8:30)..Hence “marriage” is based on God in Heaven, themselves from the beginning and not just Adam and Eve and since Jesus The Messiah is a flesh and blood Man,God doing what He did to Adam and bringing forth from His rib is physically possible and i think probable.

With the issue of same-sex unions being such a big deal lately I believe this answers the question of where when and How marriage is based scripturally on and in God Themselves.amen

God Bless and Proverbs 8:6-14 from Her

and From Him who is life eternal Matthew 6:23

His and Her


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