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God is Spirit and Love (John 4:24 & 1John 4, 8). Love therefore, is not a feeling or emotion, but a being that is God. The Spirit of God is like force or energy, which we cannot see; yet they control every aspect of our life and the universe; and are critical for our survival. His Spirit however, is infinitely greater than just force or energy, because, He is intelligent, merciful, loving, forgiving and life giving. In fact He is the creator of force and energy. His Spirit is Love, which speaks to every human heart, constantly persuading us to be selfless and righteous. His Spirit moves human heart to great holiness. His Spirit is also the force that leads human beings to charity, mercy, forgiveness and hope; and the energy that sustains us during our trials, tribulations and works.

We experience God, when we experience the spirit of love in human beings and in our own heart; we see God when we see acts of unconditional love in the world; we touch God when we selflessly reach out to others in love; and we communicate with God when our thoughts are fixed on love and forgiveness. We see fullness of God in Jesus. Although we were unfaithful to Him and betrayed, abused and killed Him He did not back out from the covenant of love He made to us. On the contrary, He humbled Himself to take a human form and sacrificed in life in order to compensate for the sins we committed against Him. Those who have truly accepted Jesus in to their life, likewise, are forgiving people who have dedicated their lives to serve others, and do not back out from their covenant of love with their spouse and commitment to others in the face of unfaithfulness, betrayal, abuse or hurt.

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