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Susie A

Is it the legal age, or the stripes we’ve earned? Is it when the younger adults call us “old?” … because if that’s the case, I’m a senior. Is it when our hair is more grey than it’s original color? I wouldn’t know if mine had any grey because I’ve religiously kept it blonde since I was 28.(Twenty years) Does having raised 5 children to adulthood qualify a person as a senior? Or how about when you are the “guru” that everyone comes to for advice, and everyone calls you “mom”? Like a pre-teen, when you are neither a child or an official teenager, I would say that I could probably squeeze into the senior’s forum and go unnoticed. Hello everyone, it is nice to make your aquaintance. I might not be an official senior citizen, but most people under 35 think I’m old, so maybe you could make a little room for me.

My name is Susie. Hi.

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