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Tom Lucas

I know I am new here, but I’ve been reading the forums here for a while. This is a great community. Bear with me, I am still getting used to these forums.

Quick introduction and then a neat site I found.

I am involved in a technology project called DotNetNuke. Which is a free portal framework. I am attempting to start a web based ministry using this technology along with some custom work for churches, ministries and Christian business. Easy, do it yourself site to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Well, onto the reason for my post. Yesterday while doing some research I found http://www.faithcircles.com First, let me say what a wonderful idea. Please understand that I am not taking away at all from Praize. I LOVE praize and it’s content and community. FaithCircles.com is alot like Praize but has some great Christian community building tools that I think differ a bit.

One of the things I like the most is the ability to read prayer request, state whether you prayed for the request or not and then keep a journal of those prayers for your personal review. An online prayer journal if you will. Looks like the site is brand new but I was so pumped by the content and tools I just had to share. Plus it looks like it uses the DotNetNuke framework, just like what I am using.

Since I am new, perhaps Praize or other online communities have similar items, but I thought what a neat idea. I have always wanted to find a way to use my talents given me in technology for His work. Sites like Praize and FaithCircles.com give me such great inspiration to keep on going forward.

Thanks. Blessings!

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