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HOSS seventh

A little bit a go Iwatched the latest on Katrina the storm as it moved into the Gulf of Mex.

The predictions are that it will quickly grow to a category 4 and go inland between New Orleans and Mobile.

I don’t how many of you that the delta for the Mississippi going into new Orleans is below sea level and if a storm goes in there the results may well be the most tragic event since Camille hit Texas/Miss in the 60″s

The storm surge going into that area of New Orleans will be bad

A little while ago I received and email from a ministry not concerned with the potential destruction there on the gulf but rejoicing that God would be judging sin. I did send a corrective thought on that. My God does not operate like that.

For Those that will I am asking you to pass on a request concerning this storm to every prayer group you know and to keep the people that might be affected covered in prayer.

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