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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I have an urgent prayer request for a friend of mine, James, who is Atheist; also refuse to know anything about God. Since the start of the summer, I have strong feeling that God is calling on him.

Since he is having problems with the academic at this right moment, and I offer to pray for him, and he accepted, and he would be appreciate if my Christian friends can also pray for him. This is a huge change in him, and I personally think it is God who is working in him.

Could you please pray for James:

1. His coursework is being assessed on an external examiners board to decide if he could pass onto the next stage of course

2. Pray for guidance if to carry on the course, since he’s no longer enjoy the subject, or to change to another course which he would really enjoy

3. Pray for his heart would be soften, his eyes would see, and his ears would hear, and to respond God’s calling

Thank you very much!

God bless!

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