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I ask you all to help me stand in the gap and pray without for Tim Lewis. He’s been missing since mid July (after his mother died) and we received bad news that he’d been in MO for a while, was angry, lieing, using people, heavily back in to using drugs/alcohol, & also picked up a naive/gullible 19 year old girl and is using her to support him and transport him. They have allegedly returned to KS. She’s lieing to her family of her whereabouts & they don’t know what trouble Tim is in. He also has a gun. I’ve been told by others to give up on God saving him/bringing him home. That he is a lost cause. BUT THAT IS SATAN pounding me! The situation seems to get darker, BUT GOD IS IN CHARGE!! GOD WORKS BEST WHEN TIMES ARE DARKEST!! Please continue to pray w/me for Tim L’s deliverance from drugs, lies, confusion & people who would enable him to live in darkness. Pray for the girl (Erica) and that she opens her eyes, removes herself from Tim, and returns to her family before any further damage is done to her or our family. Pray that God takes Tim to his knees NOW, that he has nowhere to turn but to God and to home & that God brings him home soon renewed in Christ. I will NOT let Satan steal my trust in God for Tim’s deliverance & speedy return home where he can heal, follow Christ, and be a father to his little boy! I miss his laughter, hugs, and presence in my life! I miss the precious man that is buried inside his heart! (Donslady1@hotmail.com)

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