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Update from my sister in law and her family.

Got email from Dawn, she was using friend’s puter. She advises that at this time, Saturday evening, the fire is within 1/2 mile or less to their home. She says they are at the mercy of the winds, if they pick up it will mean their home indeed will be lost. The road to their neighborhood would virtually be gone. She said they were fortuntate last night since storms were predicted with high winds that did not occur. Every thing is extremely dry and lightning is a large concern for further fires. The canyon they live in is too narrow for firefighters to battle effectively. They had a firestorm on Tuesday night when the fire was 8 miles away and it traveled 5 miles in an hour with this type of fire. It had stopped just on top of a ridge before their home at that time. Firefighters are doing what they can as far as “wetting” down property with retardants and removing what trees they can for fueling fire and also bulldozing fire lanes. Even if their home survives, they say they can’t imagine the change in the terrain and animal life. They are of course taking it one day at a time and know it is all in His hands. Please remember all of them and others like them in your prayers during this time. Remember all that are in the Northwest and British Columbia area experiencing fires. Especially keep in prayer those that are risking their lives to fight these forces. I praise God that He has kept people safe so far. Thank you all for your faithfulness.

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