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I was born and raised Mormon for 18 years of my life, i no longer am but my family is dedicated. I have friends who are returned missionaries. Now im not sure why you people can come on here and just drag down and pummel the mormon church. It seems to me almsot like racism, we being black and you being the KKK (if that makes sense and no offense). Everything about us is wrong well its not. Sure there are some things and thats why i stopped going, but this church is like any other and NO we do not have multiple wives that my friend is a sin, you should maybe check into it, there are infact TWO mormon church’s, the LDS and then the fundamental or reorganized mormon church and it is THAT church with the multiple wives etc. Now before you continue bad mouthing my parents religion maybe you should read into and compare both churches. I know im no longer mormon but i have friends and FAMILY who are and reading all of this hurts me. I have gone door to door with the missionaries as a favour and people HAVE confronted us but we replied right back with all the right answers, leaving those people to shut the door in our face becasue that is one debate they couldnt win. Im not attacking you guys like you are my family and friends religion, im just standing up for them, and shining a little light onto the fact there are two types of mormons and you guys are bad mouthing the wrong ones, i personally want to become a pentecostal, freshly saved . But im going through some hard times. But thats besides the point. I went to a pentecostal chruch for a little while and a man there said a prayer about salt lake city when the olympics were there, knwoing i was mormon his prayer included the following “please do not let those people down in Utah be fooled or follow the mormon cult BLAH BLAH BLAH” i said not a word to him, sometimes its jsut best to keep things to yourself, and let people or RELIGIONS have there freedom of speach, how many christian churches are out there???? a whole hell of a lot, all with different rules and beliefs all saying they are the true church, EVERYCHURCH CLAIMS TO BE THE TRUE CHURCH its not just the mormons, so while your having a go at us take a look around you, there are so many churches out there and they are all different including pentecostal, lutherin, catholic, apostolic or whichever, all claiming the truth in there OWN WAY. blah blah blah blahblah…………………………………………………………………………………………..

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