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Allan Nees

Israel made the original Torah an idol and built a religion around it. Christianity has done the same with the Bible. The true purpose of both is to reveal God and God’s Plan!

Outline of God’s Plan:

1. Create the Universe. (Time and Space.)

2. Create the first life form to begin the process of evolution.

3. Reveal God’s intent to bring forth His Only Son, thereby triggering a revolt and revealing the inequity of Lucifer and one-third of the heavenly beings.

4. Restoration of the Earth after Satan’s Flood.

5. Create Adam and Eve to be the seed from whom God would raise up a people to bring about the birth of His only Son, (perfected by Grace, whom we know as Jesus Christ) to fulfill the sacrificial requirement of the Mosaic Law.

6. The millennial reign of Jesus Christ for the purpose of the reconciliation and reclamation of all of God’s creation.

7. A New Heaven and New Earth (without inequity) and God dwelling amongst man.

For more information see: http://www.milleniums.net


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