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I am sharing this because of a particuliar forum and it is not pointed to any one personaly, but if the shoe fits wear it long enough to get to the alter and then take it off putting on the shoes of readieness to preach good news.

In John 8:32 we find scriptural proof that the truth sets us free. Bickering and fussing because folks are bold enough (in love to bring rebuke) is not wrong regardless of what any one says or thinks. But we must come across as folks who love the sinner and ones who hate the sin. In the world at large today we are seeing God’s own people going off on each other reverting to name calling. ENOUGH STOP IT!

God is not happy with this junk and if you do not think I am right be careful. Love never fails people NEVER NEVER!

Otherwise we all need to pack up and quit this christianity for God is Love. Are we to assume God is a big failure? If you can not see that I am so sorry.

Jesus wants preaching that is done in demonstration and power regarding the finished work of the cross. Sin has to be preached out of the church, Jesus is coming for a church with out spot or wrinkle. Church holy up and get the hell out of church.

Churchianity dosn’t work, we must as the church be like Christ (not the church be like the church were already that!)

Smelling the coffee and wake up call was rendered many years ago, yet where is freedom reigning if all we ever as brothers and sisters do is fight? The truth shall set us free I do not care what any one says we can learn to love each other we can learn to win lost dying souls as a team united and annointed in Christ the annointing. Were all appointed to correct each other


Were all appointed to argue at the first glimsp of disagreement


Were annointed because were appointed to go into all the world and point the lost to Jesus


The folks here at Praize are all so special to God the blood of Jesus says so, homosexuals or hetrosexual sinners who do not know Jesus the time is at hand REPENT turn from your wicked ways repent show goddly sorrow and ask Jesus to come save you before it is too late! Realize how much God loves you, modern day pharasees repent

luke warm christians repent

in fact 2 Chron 7:14 corporately speaking lets all repent.

Father help us all to turn from wickedness and to walk in love guide us all to walking in newness of life, let us not treat the blood as something we can trample on underneath our feet.

We are sorry for being so quick to fuss over doctrinol topics that dont much mater we repent for not standing up boldly enough at times for the garbage we let in praize. Father in Jesus name help us to love you with all our hearts and all our mind and strength too! In Jesus name please help us to remember you give grace to the humble. Amen!


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