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Redding Loaves and Fishes is a Ministry of what the world might call ” The least of the brethren”. Has the least of the breathren come to our house lately? Have we unknowingly turned away Angels? Would we be shocked if we asked the Lord, when did we see you hungry? and He replied when I was disheveled ,dirty, downtrodden, and knocking at the doors of your Church?

I still marvel, as I think of visiting my Grandmother in the retirement home before she died, watching two elderly women across the hall in wheelchairs. One suffering, crying out loud, tears streaming down her face, “I want to go home! ” , The other woman, with a look of compassion on her face, handing her the little stuffed animal she was cradeling in her arms, soothing and comforting her…….can we ever be retired from loving one another?

Do we really know what the end result of our charitable donations produces in the north state community? Oh Redding is a very loving and caring community, but do we “test the fruits”? I challange you to visit your favorite charity, and see the “end results”.

How many of the “least of the brethren” are living in cars? under bridges? dying from cold, hunger, poverty, and sickness in camps along the Sacramento river and we never hear about it on the local news or the paper?

So Redding Loaves and Fishes appeals to the Christ that dwells in each and every one of you. “Lord, Lord, we need funds, Lord, Lord, we need food, Lord, Lord, we need talent, Lord……. we need Love….

So let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap, if we do not loose heart. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those of the household of faith………….even if they are………the least of the brethren.


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