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I have been thinking about my dear friend who committed suicide…see “when the unthinkable makes sense”…and sometimes when the lump in my throat and the knot in my heart won’t go away, I find a Smirnoff Ice works wonders. Nah, I am not drowning my sorrows, just getting past a rough spot. Really…

Yesterday was such a day. You know the “Romeo and Juliet” story, the “Don’t Fear the Reaper” song, “Tis a far, far better place I go to then I have ever known… Altruistic suicide, suicide to flee a world where a love is forbidden, and a song to promote the idea that this life is better left behind in order to be free.

I can’t help but think that had my friend not believed with all her being that upon death she would abide in heaven with her beloved mother and would be held in her arms, that she might have held on to life.

I have no idea what statistics show about atheist suicides versus theist suicides, and would discount suicides of terminally ill people who dwelt only in pain, but I must wonder if the suicide rate for atheists is much lower than that for theists.

Used to be that suicide was preached as the only unforgivable sin, a straight path to hell for all eternity. Then when so many young people…teens..sadly began taking their own lives, the preaching was softened so much that it allowed that the person who committed suicide was in a better place with their god.

What is the truth about suicide as far as theists are concerned? It is hard to believe that a merciful god would condemn one who is in so much pain and distress that suicide seems the only way.

But if the picture of afterlife for suicides wasn’t so rosy, would they still want to end their life?

I am afraid that many young people believe they are going to be in a better place together, but as an atheist, I believe that all they do is end their existance. That is tragic, more tragic if what I believe is true.

Suppose the suicide sin was put in to keep slaves and serfs in their miserable lives looking forward to, but not allowed to hurry the day when they finally died and went to live in a glorious place with no pain, no hunger, no cold, but only love and joy with their deity. Why is it a sin to commit suicide and why don’t theists do it more often in order to hurry their path to joyful reunion with their dead loved ones and to abide in a heavenly realm?

I just wish my friend had held on to her precious life. She had so much to live for, but depression is an evil if ever there was one.


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