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I received a letter from a Pastor recently that set me in motion. He and I converse regularly; usually with regard to world events as they might relate to the Bible. As I said, he sent me a letter. In it, he sounded sort of upset by events unfolding over in Israel and thought the part of the Bible where it tells of Israel being surrounded by her enemies might happen in the near future. I thought I would post my reply to him here. I said to him that I did not think my words were inspired by the Spirit, however since that letter, I wonder.

In preparing this post, I had taken the original letter over to my “Works Word Processor” with the intention of taking it apart and using parts of it to create a post for Praise. I have been at it for some time now and just cannot seem to get in the same…… what ever you want to call it. Therefore, I am posting my entire letter.

A word of caution….. Inspired or not, this message is not intended for you to pack up everything and leave, run around like a chicken with it’s head removed, or anything along those lines. If it causes you to pray more, work harder at making your path straight, or best of all, if it causes you to get out in the fields and get on with the Lords mission He gave us, then great! However mostly I am posting it for its value as a conversation opener.

“Sorry I had not gotten back to you yet on this. Yes, I am watching with great care, and listening to every detail concerning Israel. I have also got my spiritual antenna fine tuned in this arena for anything the Spirit might want to impart.

As for what this fledgling of a Christian “thinks,” it is still too soon for Israel to be cut off on her own. Too many other things need to happen yet. Some of those even have nothing to do with this current situation. As well, there needs to be something to totally distract our attention and keep us from helping directly, don’t you think? For that to happen, it’s going to have to be huge considering the massive amounts of resources both in terms of material ‘and’ in terms of manpower we have at our disposal. We do have the ability (if properly motivated) to fight up to three small wars, and deal with several major disasters all at once if we really needed to. The only thing I can think of is a nuclear situation like something out of North Korea. That would for sure do it, especially if they actually got one through our defenses. God help us if that happens.

You know, I remember some place in the Bible, it hinting or saying that basically 2 major powers are going to lock horns at some point.

It could go down like this:The situation continues to heat up in Israel. Mean time Russia is secretly assisting N. Korea with their nuclear program. (They really are too.) Russia has its own hidden agenda for doing this. Now when their ready, and all eyes are on Israel, N. Korea seizes that moment and fires one or more nukes at us, and they actually get through to targets. This causes a knee jerk reaction and we turn away from any thought of assisting Israel and commit our entire might to going after N. Korea.

Now comes Russia’s hidden agenda. Just like the last time we got close to China while fighting the North Koreans, they decide enough is enough and also jump into the fray, possibly going nuclear themselves. When we are finally weak enough, Russia does the unthinkable and invades us. Now then, as soon as all this is at a crescendo, the entire Middle East jumps on Israel. Since their all alone by then, this would be the best time for such an opportunity.

I cannot see it getting to this point in less than 2 or 3 years. A result of all this kind of fighting will be both a food and fuel shortage on a global scale. This will fuel a global temper above and aside from the different wars. We globally will come together out of anger over what our leaders have caused us to do. Finally, there will be someone who will rise up that will have most if not all the answers to our needs. You know the rest of the story.

At this point, that is right now while I am typing this, a thought popped into my head. I will bet the Anti-Christ comes out of Germany. It would be the ultimate irony. Especially after Hitler and what he did to the Jews. We will have to watch and see on that one.

In fact… let me say this again so I am sure I said it: ALL of the above just sort of came into my head. I used logic to figure it out and I don’t think it was Spirit driven, so lets refrain from calling it prophesy, huh? Most of what I am saying came from putting together all the little bits of goings on, then adding the things I “know” for a fact, but are not in the media.

Whew! You are very correct though sir. We ALL need to keep an eye on what is going on. However, another question just popped into my head. That is: “Why” do we need to keep an eye on the situation? Why do we need concern ourselves at all in any of that? The Bible does not say we, (the U.S.) did anything helpful or note worthy in end times. It ‘is’ however very specific about us going forth and making disciples of the world. To me that is an order to get out in the fields. It all kind of comes back to a question I have posed to you and others several times; what would you do different if you knew Judgment day was tomorrow, or in a week? So why are we not doing that now, with just as much earnest?

Peace Pastor! In Jesus name,


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