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He invited me to go on a walk one day.

I accepted,because I wanted to know Him better.

It was a narrow street filled with sorrows.

As we walked, He spoke of many things.

What had happened,what was about to.

There was a gentleness of heart in His words.

People gathered on both sides of this street,

some angry,spitting at us,some in deep grief,crying.

I felt many burdons on my shoulders,

I saw Him with the weight of that heavy cross.

Sometimes I just wanted to sit and rest a moment,

but the soldiers behind us would not allow this.

Finally we came to the top of the hill Golgotha,

they nailed us down on the tree.

Then raised us up to hang there before all.

I heard Him say “Forgive them Father,for they know

not what they do”.

Everything went into darkness then.

When I awoke,there was a silence,

The loudness was most deafening.

I was in a stone room,how long I don’t know.

The sound of grating stone on stone began,

then sunlight crept into this room.

He walked out into the light, seemingly

brighter, than even the sun.

We came to the end of our walk then,

knowing we would walk together always.

He left me,ascending up to heaven,

the most beautiful of smiles on His face.

In His love, lampwicke xxx

At a time in my life while searching out who God is,

I sat one evening,thinking on getting close to Him.

I pictured myself walking with Him on this walk,

moving side by side, talking,feeling,understanding.

Not much is written about Him,and His feelings

during this walk.I used my imagination,to live this

time,do this walk with Him. You can do this also,

Picture you walking this walk,feel what you’d feel

knowing Him,loving Him,hurting like He did then.

You will draw even closer to Him who is with us always.


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