John Becker wrote:

LOL! You crack me up triston

Why is it so many try to earn a free gift?

I would be insulted if someone tried to pay me for something I gave them freely?

Why is it that so many Christians, after accepting the free gift of salvation from Jesus Christ, turn right around and try to earn it with their DEEDS?

He wants your Love and for you to read His letter… . .

The word of God. Read & study what’s Is His word!


Hosea 6:6 For I desired mercy, and not sacrafice; and the knowledge of God more than burt offerings


Look what God’s word says, triston

God wants you to study and learn from His word OVER your sacrafices.

“Mercy” should be rendered—>LOVE, here.

Have a great day

Peace & God bless

The Nazarite vow has nothing to do with working your way to heaven, do you know what the vow is…look at Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist, for these are the three mentioned in the Bible as having been so…it is an role, such a priest or Prophet…it has nothing to do with salvation, which is a free gidt from God, it is about a role of service in Gods Kingdom.


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