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Triston wrote:

The Nazarite vow can be found in Numbers 6:1-21


Greetings Bro Triston

Well I think in part we have a Nazarite vow when we became born again. We have accepted His cleansing blood, and His name. So in a since I have taken a Nazarite vow. With a Nazarite. So if I have made covenant with a Nazarite, am I now a Nazarite. At least a spiritual Nazarite.

I am called to be seperate.

I am called to be holy.

I am called to put to death the old man

I am called not to drink, booze.

I am called to not take a woman, unless I marry her

I am called to walk in the paths according to scriptures

I am called to pick up my cross and follow Him.

On the outward appearance I would probably say that you can tell I have the joy of the Lord is my strength. So I do look different. I do carry a bible. I do read it in public. I do testify to strangers about the Lord. I do sing Christian songs in public. So people have to be blind or deaf not to know that I am Christian. But I know that God will be there when this happens and hopefully I will be able to communicate with them, and to pray for healing. I have prayed for strangers in public, and find God does some awesome things when we listen to the Holy Spirit.

I may not have long hair, and cut it off at the end of the vow. I used to have long hair before coming to the Lord, and the Lord told me to cut it off. I used to wear an ear ring, now I do not. I use to look lost, dying, stoned, drunk, and going to hell.

I may not be doing all that the vow says, but I do make sacrifices that God approves of, the sacrifices is of a broken and humbled heart. That was a part of the vow. To make sacrifices.

I have made covenants to seperate myself, to more places with God, on degrees or levels, of obedience. I think this could be looked as being a vow, of being different.

Yeah I am a Nazarite in spirit.

I have a covenant with Jesus Christ.

your servant in Christ



Great answer, and I think along those lines as well…Praise his name!


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