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Susie A

Most of us have heard of the life span, the estimated time of physical life for men, for women according to the experts, and how we can prolong it with healthy habits & safe living.

Granted…it is important and respectful to the gift of physical life–to be good stewards over our bodies. But we overlook the fact that we are ultimately not in control of how long we live–physically. The author/giver of life–alone…holds that position.

Some may refer to this as fate, but even fate is in subjection to our Maker. To some degree we do play a part in our own destinies, both physical & spiritual. But our physical life spans are not something we can control…we can only throw what we’ve got out on the table, and see where it gets us.

So then, if we aren’t in control of our life spans, we’ve got to look at what our lives are meant for. Is life nothing more than being born, getting educated, marrying & having children, making money & persuing success, retiring…and then waiting for our turn to take our last, physical breath? How sad and empty is such a thought…yet many believe this and accept it. They nestle in for the duration, and try to spend their time finding enjoyment in transitory things that won’t matter–in the face of eternity, when the ages of time end. Time—-is of great importance, and understanding its’ purpose is not just for knowing when to get up for work or go to doctor’s appointments, or to help us plan our earthly matters. The clock on the wall means alot more than that. Time began when creation began, and it is a set aside window where God has a plan and purpose for His creation. It wasn’t because He was lonely or bored and needed something to occupy himself with. And in knowing that He is the efficacy of Love, His plans & purposes are based on the core of that. His plan to create–was to express Himself & all that He is in his creation, and man—-is the center focus of it all. Our highest calling in life…is to know and relate with Him, and allow him to bear His image & likeness through us, while we keep our own identities. Of course, through this, He refines our identities, nevertheless…we aren’t here merely to be born,live, and die. Life is preparation for the afterlife that we will share with Him, where there will be no more sorrows, sufferings, tears or pain, no more disappointments…only ultimate peace, joy, and the benefits of the righteousness God Himself builds in us. There are no joys here that can match the joy He gives to those who journey through life with Him now. All of our comings & goings through life mean little, if we miss this great purpose for our lives. And if we live to be 100 years old, never knowing Him, it is a sad, wasted oppurtunity. What good is it…if we live to be 100, and’ve missed the whole point in being alive?

Life is a gift, although the hardships may try to tell us differently…and having us asking ourselves at times– “what kind of gift is this?” I must have asked the question thousands of times. But over the years I’ve learned……..that the sufferings and hardships of life exist to make us like Him, if we cooperate. I remember when I was having my babies, the labor would become so overpowering & painful that I wanted labor to stop. I wanted to forget about it, get off the train. But then, this little miracle would finally come out & was placed in my arms, and my attitude quickly was changed to joy. Life is like labor…it is hard, stressful, painful…and the “contractions” of it can be prolonged when we don’t become one with the purpose of it. Letting it bring forth new life within us, allowing Christ to come forth in us brings a miracle of life that is loftier than any other kind of life, and the worship & praise of Him is a buffer. When we study the word praise, it’s root word meaning is “opiate”. It buffers our pain. Not just speaking of the worship & praise we know of in church where we sing and praise Him during the services. But a heart that reaches up to Him in the midst of pain & agony, & chooses to Praise Him even though we are compelled to just cry, and be sad or feel hopeless. It doesn’t seem logical, but its’ effect lifts us to a place where our hearts can sing — even when heavy. His comfort & encouragement await us there. I have a banner I once made for my former church, hanging on my bedroom wall, with a soaring eagle in the center, and these words encircle it: “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”. That “secret place” is where our heart connects with His. It’s a private, intimate place where we experience His presence…a presence that transcends time, space, and all else, where it’s just me and Him, communing in heart & spirit. Knowing Him….is not something we would want to avoid, and while we live in these physical bodies, it’s ultimately the only thing that matters the most. This is much more exciting & comforting than an expected life span, because if I died today, or next month, I will know exactly whom I am going to, and the kind of life I will enter into. I don’t exactly always like or enjoy this physical life, but I welcome it as the tool that drives me into His bosom.

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