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Max rugdee

The people that we will be sharing with are the Yaos of Vietnam. These people are the hill tribe people. They are considered an “unreached people group” as there are only about 1% Christians in a population of over 400,000.Vietnam is not an easy place to minister. Workers are faced with the challenges of learning a difficult language, visa uncertainty, security considerations, and potential political upheaval. At the same time though, there are many opportunities. We are all committed to serving the Lord in this needy country. We are expecting Him to do great things in the future, and we feel privileged to work in Vietnam during these days.


(1990) 333,100

(1995) 372,400

(2000) 412,800

Largest religion:

Ethnic religionist 99.2%

Christians: <1%

Church members: 2,979

Scriptures in their own language: New Testament

Jesus Film in their own language: None

Christian broadcasts in their own language: None

Mission agencies working among this people: 2

Persons who have heard the Gospel: 122,100 (33%)

Please pray for us


Boldness and courage to share the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit

Good translators

Love for people, sensitivity to their culture

God would prepare people ahead of time and many will get saved! (Top Priority Prayer Request!)

Good follow-up, discipleship and churches planted.

Spiritual & Emotional Health

Draw daily strength from God

Put on the full armor of God to stand firm against the enemy’s attacks

Adjust quickly to culture shock

Overcome fear for family, personal safety, evangelism, etc.

Unity among team members and the nationals who will host us

Physical Health and Safety

No illness and quick recovery if we do get sick

Safe, clean food and water

Protection from persecution

Cooperative authorities

Adequate rest

Political stability

For more info. http://reachingjesus.tripod.com

In addition to all, please pray that God will simply be GLORIFIED in this venture. I know He will be!

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