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The purpose of this book is to expose the Great Apostasy and to present the true gospel of Jesus the Messiah. These two must be presented together in these last days in order to convey the true warning God is sending to the world before He strikes with fury.

We need to grasp that Satan desires to be worshipped as the highest God, and he’s been working towards the goal of being the God mankind worships for almost 6,000 years. If he can’t divert people through the lust of the flesh he will divert them into a false religion with the name Christian on the door. This Apostasy has a name which is the “Ecumenical movement” and this movement is in full bloom as of this writing. It will not be long before the man of perdition will be revealed to the world, and remember that prophecy states that the man of perdition will not be revealed until there is first a great falling away. Question is…are you going to be among those that fall away? Even though there are many today warning about this Great Apostasy many in the Churches named Christian are not heeding the warning. Our intent is to expose the many false doctrines and pagan idols that have been accepted into the Christian Religion and hopefully help people to wake up to the truth that the true gospel Jesus preached is under attack!!

I think you will find this book very interesting.



Timothy Youngblood

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