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To the faithful at Praise Christian Forums :and others .

What is it with denying Gods existance:

1. Has This God the very thought of a Supreme being upset your life style ? Has This ” God ” offended you in any way ?

2. In your joining a select group denying ” God ” has that changed the possibilities ?

3. What are your thoughts concerning ” Jesus … His life … His death … His resurrection ? ” Is this Jesus a stumbling block to you?

4. The Challenge to you is the desire to know whether “God IS ..”

5. When each one of us finally have encountered the Living God

… I am not sure of the word for God’s Name it means ” I am that I am ”

6. May your hearts be open to the knowledge of Gods word and God increase the seed sown .

7. Finally I Pray to everyone reading this:

” That the eyes of your inner most being be opened to the reality of the Supreme God .. that His presence shall destroy the strongholds set up against you and knowledge of this Living God . in the name of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ , Amen ”

Regards To each and everyone

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