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Greg Platt

Ive been doing something thinking about a topic I have brought up before. Namely, the focus of the church on morality. And it still bugs me.

The church, by and large, is focused on personal moral issues, such as homosexuality and abortion.

Church leaders hail “victory” when things like amendments banning same-sex marriage are made into law. And I am forced to question the sensibility of such action. The Bible speaks against homosexual relations, which these amendments do not tackle. Indeed homosexual relationships cannot be legislated into non-being. A similar issue exists with abortion…you can pass a law against it, but abortions will still occur. Yet these are the hot-button issues Christianity is “fighting against”.

I wonder, why are we focused so heavily on these issues, which will only cease with a personal decision, do we believe we can legislate such a decision into being? There is no great evil in working on these issues, but there is evil in ignoring other issues that we can help with.

Take for instance aiding the poor and less fortunate. Where is the great outcry from Christians against the lack of education, food, shelter, and clothing for the destitute in America? I do realize that churches donate a good deal of money to efforts to aid the poor, and for they are to be commended…but why do we stop there?

We place into power in this country men and women, who promise to stand up for family values, but then we do not hold them accountable when their policies take away jobs from American families, and send people spiraling into poverty. They claim to be for family values, but then slash education funding in order finance a military. Which does more to promote family values? An education and a chance at a job, or the invansion of another country?

I am not implying that personal moral issues are not important, they are. However, they are also personal. They can only be decided by an individual. No legislation will force people to change there ways. Societal issues however, CAN and SHOULD be impacted by the government. However, these are not our focus. I do not want to condemn anyone for there choices. I just want people to consider whether prevent Adam and Steve from getting married is worth a government that would impoverish its people, deceive its citizens, and endanger the world.

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