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All quotations are from the King James Version 1611.

New Creation Of Heaven And Earth

The Bible is one of the most discussed books on earth today. People “kill” each other and also love each other because of the Bible.

Then there is the difference in beliefs between the parties about evolution and creation.

Some people rejects scientists theories that states that life started by way of evolution, and believe strictly that “God” created everything.

I can’t really understand this ongoing battle because to my mind evolution is also a way of creating. According to the scriptures, God is spirit, and everything you know has spirit within it, otherwise it could not be alive. Let’s take for example plants. Plants must have spirit otherwise it would be lifeless and will not grow. For this reason then “the spirit in the plant or animal” could wish to change. This could be for an array of reasons, for instance to defend itself, or to become more attractive.

Is it therefore the plant or animal you see that brings the change? Or is it the spirit (God) in the plant that brings forth the change?

Well this is true, unless you believe that God is not in everything, and therefore everything would be dead because we all know God = life all forms of life. However the bible is clear that God is in everything. You can decide if you believe the bible but we will discuss it in detail.

Creation is a slow process, or at least in the mind it is…

Then there is the question: Did God create everything in just 6 days (144 hours)?

We can’t be that naïve to think and believe that this could be true. If this was true, why does a human take 18 or 20 years to reach adulthood or a tree years to become big and provide shade? Why doesn’t it then take only 0,003 seconds for instance?

Genesis is in its whole a book of symbols; if you don’t believe this you would understand nothing. If you don’t believe this it would be easy to get rid of Satan because then you believe that it was a real snake that seduced Eve, and all we have to do is to kill all the snakes and Satan will be DEAD.

We are on earth to gain knowledge. After all, we eat from the tree called knowledge. And what’s more? We also die because we eat from the tree of knowledge Gen 3:3 and 6.

Knowledge has improved significantly over the years, especially referring to the last hundred or so years, purely because we eat of the tree of knowledge.

If you think back at the prehistoric world, there was a time when we believed the earth was flat. Now we know that the earth is spherical. Thus we are still receiving knowledge everyday, for we still eat from that tree of knowledge.

There is a big difference in believing something or to have knowledge about something.

Have you ever thought about the following: God created the human (Adam & Eve) on the sixth day, but it is still the sixth day. It cannot yet be the seventh day, for the seventh day is a day of rest and you are supposed to enter the day of rest. See Revl. 14: 13 and Psalm. 95: 11.

God only completed the creation at the end of the sixth day. And because we are still in the sixth day, God has not yet completed the creation. Gen 1:31

Think about this for a minute: Gen 2:17 of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it, for in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

It says: the same day you eat the fruit of this tree of knowledge, that same day you will die. This “same day” being the sixth day.

You might now differ and say; the sixth day is the day on which God created the human and that day is long gone. For those I ask a question; Adam ate the fruit on the sixth day and God said; the same day you eat the fruit, that same day you will die; my question is; why did Adam lived another 800 years and didn’t die on the same day?

The answer is; simply because it is not yet the end of the sixth day.

If you don’t believe this TRUTH, the bible will be a lie and a sealed book to you.

What’s more, the human was created to live for only one day, which is the sixth day. At the end of the sixth day humans and everything you know and see will “disappear” forever…

Why you may ask? Because we then move over to the seventh day, the day of rest, the day where you will receive a new body, for the body you now know will disappear, be demolished Gen 2:1-3, 1Cor 15:52

At this moment we are less than one hour away from this happening. One hour representing 41,666 years in biblical formula. Also equaling one generation.

Did you hear? In less than 40 years (by now) everything that you see would have changed, including your body. This is the so-called second coming!!

What does the bible say about how everything came into being?

To really understand this discussion you will have to read the full manuscript namely this revelation of Johannes.

Never the less, lets move on to Gen 1, the creation of the universe (heaven and earth)

Under the term “heaven” we must conclude: all of what we call space. And under “earth” all visible heavenly bodies, stars, planets, moons and suns.

If we look at the order of creation, as stated in the bible, we will see that the order doesn’t make sense.

The logical order of creation would be as follows:

Day 1: God said let there be light

Day 2: (day 4 according to the Bible) Forming of the planets sun and stars.

Day 3: (day 2 according to the Bible) God created the atmospheres around the planets and stars

Day 4: (day 3 according to the Bible) Dry land appears. Plants start to grow, also in the water.

Day 5: Creation of the sea creatures and birds

Day 6: Creation of land creatures (animals and humans)

Day 7: human and all flesh disappear, the rest of God (you and me)

According to the Bible, trees and plants were created on the third day, but the sun was only created on the fourth day. Now we all know that plants need photosynthesis from the sun to grow.

The universe exists out of two “halves” namely; heaven, and earth the other half.

Heaven acts as male and earth as female, the womb or soul of the universe. Thus earth is the mother of all life. This subject is discussed in another chapter of “this revelation of Johannes (John)”

The meaning of the word Genesis is origin, and thus the book Genesis must explain how everything came to be.

Scientists have it that 20 billion years ago, creation (as we know it today), started off with the so-called Big Bang. Some scientists now draw the line forward to about 15 billion years ago. Figures play a big role in the deciphering of the symbols of the Bible, and 15 billion years doesn’t fit in.

Lets say the present creation is 20 billion years in existence; now divide 6 creation days into 20 billion years. You’ll find that each day equals 3,333 billion years.

Let us now discuss these days.

We will give you the Hebrew meaning of the relevant words.

Day 1 Gen 1:1 in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

*The conclusion is that he created two separate “places” namely: a spiritual place and a physical place or an invisible place and a visible place.

Verse 2; and the earth was without form and void.

Void meaning: to be empty, hollow, vacuity, emptiness, tremble inward, palpitate, suddenly agitated, glisten, shining (white or red marble) a ruin.

*From this we can conclude: it was a vacuity that became unstable/agitated/the gathering of waste. We can probably say that the vacuity was “sucking in” the tiny visible components of the universe.

Without form: waste or desolation – worthless.

*The “earth” at that stage was without form because of the instability, the palpitation, and the agitation of this matter creating an abyss, a hurricane, or a tornado. (See spirit below)

Also it became worthless. We discuss this in another chapter.

Verse 2 cont: and darkness was upon the face of the deep

Darkness: (Hebrew meaning enhanced darkness, misery, destruction, death, sorrow, dark night, and obscurity.

*Enhanced darkness = to become more and more visible/fossilized.

*This gathering of matter became more and more dense, obscured and visible (not transparent) we can conclude that the visible is called darkness a place of misery and sorrow.

Face: the part that turns namely these “turning” masses that gathered.

Deep: an abyss, a surging mass, to make an uproar, to agitate greatly, destroy, move, make a noise, to ring again, a pat

*This describes a boiling mass reaching a point of explosion, making great noise/an uproar. (it will be impossible for us to even imagine or describe this noise.)

If we now rephrase the following; darkness was on the face of the deep, we could perhaps read it as follow; this turning abyss became more and more visible, but did not had any specific form yet, logically.

Verse 2 cont.: and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters

Spirit: (Hebrew) wind, breath, air, anger, smell, violent, by resemblance spirit or a tempest. The meaning of spirit in the New Testament hasn’t the same meaning.

*This violent tempest/hurricane is called the spirit of God. This tempest was a result of this turning abyss.

Face: the part that turns (the abyss)

Water: the meaning of water in this respect is; a fountain or an eye, which clearly describes this turning boiling/whirlpool masses. We are used to call the center of a hurricane the eye.

Verse 3: and God said, let there be light. And there was light

This violent tempest, this turning boiling mass, called spirit, exploded. This describes the so-called Big Bang of 20 billion years ago.

Light: to set on fire, to cause or make luminous.

This “abyss”, this turning tower of masses, fell over from north to south and “burst open” in the midst according to the bible.

You now may argue and say that The Spirit of God is not a tempest. My friend, God has more than “one side” and has different “powers”. In fact the bible says God has 7 different spirits. This is discussed in detail in another chapter.

Verse 4: God saw the light that it was good, and God divided the light from darkness

As we explained; before this explosion, “space” became obscured (enhanced darkness the bible says) and “milky” because of the visible matter floating in space and gathered as worthless material. After this explosion, these milky particles were forming visible objects (planets, stars and sun) to leave the space “clear as water”. This is the division.

I say; the division is the separation of the visible particles from the “air”.

And God called the light day and the darkness he called night

He called the “cleared” space light or day (transparent) and he called the visible objects darkness or night. During our discussions you will learn how important it is “to know” that God calls the visible darkness.

God called the heaven light or day and the visible earth darkness or night

Now we are at the end of day one or past period 3,333 billion years in creation.

Day 2 Verse 6: God said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

Waters: different heavens (atmospheres)(spirits) we discuss it in another chapter of this manuscript. (Noah’s ark that had three story’s, in fact symbolizes three different heavens) We can conclude that the heavens are called “waters.”

“Atmospheres” form around the “planets”. A dome (firmament) forms between these atmospheres, which seals in each atmospheres own spirit or atoms, impenetrable from each other. (See Noah’s ark) A division was put in between the spirit of the planets and the spirits of the heavens above (the interplanetary).

Verse 8: and God named the firmament heaven. (Or different layers of the atmosphere)

Water: spirit or heaven = transparent substance or clear substance.

Day 3

The logical creation order now brings us to verse 14 (6,666 billion years after the Big Bang) God said: let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night and let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years.

· “We” move into a time zone, whereas previously it was timeless. Further; gasses started to gather, collect and compacted together and started to “light up” like the sun. Others like the moon, acted as mirrors, reflecting light.

Verse 16: God made two great lights; the greater light TO RULE the day and the lesser light TO RULE the night, he also made the stars.

*Sun as energy in the day.

*Moon as energy for sleep, both needed for growth.

It is clearly stated; to rule.

The meaning of to rule is; to have dominion or to have power.

We can conclude that the sun and moon played a big role in creation during this time for they have dominion.

Verse 17: God set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth.

Light; light in this respect means; light as an element or cheerfulness.

This firmament is in itself a “mirror” reflecting everything in a “reversed” image, past image, a false creation to “keep us away”.

The universe doesn’t at all look the way you see it. Think about this: if there was a Big Bang that has changed the universe 20 billion years ago, then the following possibilities could well be true…

When you see a star “explode” it could have happened millions of years ago. But you only see a flash of it now, because we are bound to time in the form of light years. Imagine seeing for the first time the light of a “new born star” in the night sky, and the particular light has taken 10 billion years to reach earth, then:

· It could have been totally transformed by now.

· It might have already burnt out or ceased to exist (in other words by the time you see the light of a new star, that same star could already cease to exist for perhaps 10 billion years.)

· if you perhaps use the following hypothesis; you could perhaps have a telescope where you can now at this moment “see” this planet with even moving creatures on it although it doesn’t exist for the past 10 billion years, because the light only now reach you.

· We are “caught” in such a situation here on earth.

I say; “we don’t exist,” we are caught in the past.

This might be a bit too much for our brains at this stage.

Scientists say that it’s now almost possible to take photographs of how the universe looked shortly after the Big Bang. Now what does that tell you?

Day 4: 9,999 billion or rather 10 billion years after the Big Bang

God said, let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place and let the dry land appear.

“Earth” was “liquid” with a heavy “mineral” content. The liquid and minerals divided, and land appeared. God called the dry substance land or earth, and the gathering of the waters he called sea.

Once divided, rain or fog could start, because the earth is warm and water cold as a result winds started and brought forth rain, which was necessary for the development of plants. See Gen.2: 4-6.

Verse 11: and God said, let the earth bring forth grass, herb yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself upon the earth

To prepare for humans and animals, the earth started provision of oxygen.

Evolution/development/creation/ was in this sequence:

Grass evolved into herb yielding seed, which evolved into fruit bearing trees, with fruit whose seed is within itself (discussed in detail in this manuscript.)

The Hebrew meaning for the word grass describes something similar to algae, which developed into herb and later into distinct species of trees etc. (to its kind)

Logically sea or water plants also started like algae.

We’re all used to the term senses.

Grass has 1 sense. Herb 2 senses. Fruit trees 3 senses, fish 4 senses, animals 5 senses, human 6 senses.

Senses in fact = spirit = God.

Plants have a breathing/respiration system. It uses air, therefore this is the first kind of spirit exchange (God is spirit) and there is no “movement” or creatures yet.

Day 5: Verse 20: God said, let the waters bring forth abundantly, the moving creatures that has life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

Moving creatures: a swarm of minute animals, creeping or moving things (organisms).

Life: to come alive (however they are not breathing creatures yet.)

Now for the first time life with “real” spirit and movement roams the land.

Verse 21: God created great whales and living creatures, which the water brought forth abundantly, after their kind and every winged fowl after his kind (the word “his” is used because it refers to male)

Whales: monsters.

Living creatures: breathing creatures/animals/mental (they started to develop a mind and lungs).

The first creatures were moving creatures with life, which have now evolved into living creatures that have breath.

Day 6: Verse 24: God said, let the earth bring forth living creatures (on day 5 the water brought forth creatures) of its kind, cattle, and creeping things, and beasts of the earth after its kind.

It happened in this order:

Living creatures with low mind function, came out of the water onto the land and systematically “evolved” into cattle. They were obviously breathing creatures as the meaning describes.

Cattle: a water ox/ hippopotamus or Nile horse

Further meaning: to be mute, (a dumb beast without sound (voice) or hearing.)

Hearing and sound was created on earth not in water.

Beast: running creatures.

All these animals and later on the” human”, described in Gen 4:17-23 were hermaphrodites, they impregnated themselves so to speak, this is discussed and proved in another chapter.

Then 555,555 million years ago God said: verse 26; let us make man in our image, after our likeness. A good old friend of mine, who has the titles Preacher, Dr. and Professor, said to me; “God was lonely” and wanted to create children; yes it is true but who is us and our then, because it suggests that God was after all not alone?

We discuss who this “us” and “our” exactly is in another chapter.

Image: to shade, a phantom, an illusion, resemblance representative figure or an idol.

Likeness: resemblance, model, shape, advance like fashion, manner, to resemble, consider, and comparison device, think, similitude.

Verse 27: so God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him.

Then God says exactly what he means by his image: he says, male and female He created them.

In fact, what God is saying is: his image is male and female in one body. We are created to this same image and likeness.

I want to make this very clear; God says; he = male and female.

So the conclusion is that you and me are male and female in the same/one body!!!

Remember, the scripture says husband and wife will become one flesh. How you might ask? Only in their offspring is it possible! When a child is created, the child inherits its genes from his parents; 50% from the father, and 50% from the mother. Therefore, only by way of their children, man and wife can become one flesh; there is no other way.

This matter is discussed further in another chapter of this manuscript, for it holds huge mystery and revelations.

Out of all this we can clearly establish that humans were created/evolved from animals.

Does that change your purpose, your dignity, and your pride? For God said He will create children out of rock. Humans were created on the sixth day and will disappear the same day…

Humans were created to ultimately, on the seventh day, rule the universe. Therefore it only makes sense that humans evolved from rock to grass to fish to land animal to human.

Humans were therefore created out of all the substances of the universe. It cannot be otherwise because if we need the knowledge to rule the universe there is no better way as to have the contents of the universe.

Heaven and earth impregnated each other by way of the Big Bang, where the “atoms” of heaven and the “atoms” of earth melted together in the womb of earth.

In their children, you and me the universe became one flesh!

I say; Heaven and earth became one flesh in you and me, because we have the same genes as our parents.


You can now clearly understand that the bible describes creation “exactly” the way scientists describes it, for it clearly describes the Big Bang and the way everything were created; in fact it describes it better than the scientists and they can now learn from the bible.

The word evolve which scientists use has the same meaning as to its kind, the word the bible use to describe the creation of life.

Out of these discussions we can clearly understand that earth acts as the womb of creation because she is the one to bear children like plants and animals and humans.

Heaven would therefore act as the male to impregnate earth with different sperm cells. We discuss this later on in this revelation.


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