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I am asking all christains who read this thread to agree with me in praying concerning my nephew Darren. I don’t know what type of a spirit he has whether it’s stubborn or just plain stupidity-I just don’t know, but he is in alot of trouble and I don’t think I am going to be able to help him. He grew up with no father figure and his dad made it plain to him that he wasn’t important nor loved by him and I think this has hardened his heart in alot of ways. His mom’s family, which is my family, has always tried to be a part of his life. My brother has tried to be a positive figure in his life since his teens but he is so rebellious that no matter what one says he does what he wants. He is 22 years of age now and I feel he may lose many years to the prison system. he didn’t kill anyone or hurt anyone but the choices he has made are bad and the part of the states we live in are hard on certain crimes. He got in trouble with this before a few months ago and I saw him yesterday and talked with him and encouraged him not to go back to his old ways and what does he do-but get into the same trouble less than 24 hours. My family is so tapped out of money that we can’t afford to get him a lawyer. I don’t want to see my nephew in trouble or end up getting killed which is what I fear will happen to him. It seems that my family has had their more than share of tradegies. it seems as though we can’t go more than 3 or 4 years without a death or some other bad thing. I have talked until I can’t talk no more and I have been praying for my nephew for years and I just can’t reach him. He is a young African American man with a good heart but he makes foolish mistakes and I just don’t want to lose him to the system like so many other black males are lost. I don’t why this trend is this way but I do know I don’t want Darren to be lost to prison. I feel so powerless and helpless and it really saddens my heart because before my mom died she tried so hard to help him even when the cancer had her so sick she was still trying to help him. I feel as though I have asked God to help him so many times and when God shows mercy Darren forgets about it and does the same thing. I have several memebers of my immediate family who refuse to change and after 20 years of this behavior from these family memebers-we are just drained. I know I have vented alot here but I feel that i have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I just don’t see how the cycle is going to end. Just pray that my nephew’s heart won’t be so hardend and that God will spare him for us and that the blinds will be removed from Darren’s eyes and he will see the error of his ways. I know alot of people feel he deserves what he gets but I beseeching all who would and desire to take a few moments and lift us up in prayer because only God can help now. Have a blessed day to all. Fran176

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