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I am requesting prayer for myself and another. First, I need prayer for myself in being steadfast in my faithwalk. I have been walking in faith for something (home, job, church)for months and months. Yet, now that I got super serious-I am seeing many many things daily that would cause anyone else to throw in the towel. I KNOW in my heart it is a spiritual battle, yet the enemy is using ONE person in leadership at the church I have attended for years to get others to go her way.(I will call her Mary here) In the flesh I wanted to leave over a year ago, yet the Lord showed me something I have seen over the years, yet like the others-I denied it! So, the request is for me to stand firm and see Mary delivered from this horrible bondage. Forgiveness? I know that you can’t recieve forgiveness if you don’t admit you did anything wrong! I have tried and truly repented of the wrongs –yet I have asked for Mary’s, yet I don’t truly know what I did that caused this mess nor do I truly feel she forgave. To tell someone in an email that you forgive them, then not speak to them at church for months and months, in fact walking right pass them or talk to who they are speaking with without speaking (even a Hi) to them, or spreading rumors and not even telling them “WHY” you are upset: to me is not forgiveness. I have learned that many times God let’s a person stay in our lives that is totally “cold”, but it is for our teachings–patience and perseverance! I have taken much time to study “Faith, preseverance, forgiveness, etc.”over this, which is spiritual wonderful, I have grown more over the last 1 1/2 years than I did in over 30! I am detirmine to fight the good fight and see what the Lord has done. I am standing on Mark11:23-25! Mountain moving faith in connection with forgiveness is so powerful! Faith will not work without forgiveness! Please agree with me in prayer about my firmness, and her deliverance.

Thanks saints,

In HIS service,


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