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Sharryl Kokoska wrote:

Hello Derek

I can tell you are a seminary student

I don’t like to use the terminology demonized due to the fact many believe that a Christian can be possessed while having the Holy Spirit. I do not, but…..we must realize that there are areas of darkness that can and do open the door to satanic influences.

When Jesus rebuke Peter, yet said, “Get thee behind me satan,” was it coming from the mouth of Peter, or some strange voice. Jesus, rebuked the spirit that was being manifested through His servant. When James and John wanted the fire poured down upon those who didn’t believe in Jesus, Jesus spoke and said “YOu do not know what spirit you are of.”

King Saul……Look at the doors of darkness he opened for satan to invade. He was specifically told to destroy everything concerning the Amalekites. He didn’t though…He thought, instead of obeying the Lord. There’s the open door of disobedience. It caused God to reject Saul totally. He even went as low as consulting a witch to “found out God’s Will”

You see Derek, many think that all they have to do is lay hands and the work is done. But it takes the other party who is getting prayed over to do his part. Is there unforgiveness, bitterness, (these are sins of the flesh, which affect our spirit.) How often do we see brothers and sisters in Christ nurse all kinds of operations of the flesh….and use the phrase, “I’m only human, or I’m not perfect, just forgiven.” I’m sure you have done it, and so have I , yet to walk in complete victory, is to walk in the spirit of Christ. Put away the operations of the flesh, and spirit, so that it doesn’t leave an open door to sin.

Do you understand what I am saying? If not we can keep intouch through the thread…

In His Glorious Name,

Sharryl E. Kokoska


Sharryl! Amen and Bravo…you sound like you know scripture well. Sorry for the long winded response, I have just compiled a few resources regarding the topic I agree wholeheartedly with the fact you mention that it goes way beyond just laying on hands…I stay in pretty much constant vigil for non-beleivers. There are 2 here on Praize that get regularly lifted up as well. Great posting and you were much more succient than my excess…I am working on that…I get fired up and want to write so much…

Have a sparkling day!

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