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The books sound very helpful-will try to check them out. I have some battles taking place-one with my immediate supervisor who is an unbeliever who tries to “bully” me and who asks me to do an unreasonable amount of work and work that is not

actually part of my job. I am a hard worker(20 years at this position)-this man just has it in for me for various reasons(we competed for his position). Second there are times in my marriage to a backslidden Christian (who was just a baby believer before he backslid) that I feel I’m battling something-especially when I get ready to do any ministry-my husband just turns evil-cussing and ranting and raving over little or nothing and I just get so discouraged and depressed. It’s quite easy when either of these

important men in my life get nasty to react in a fleshly way and retaliate verbally. I need to develop a mind set of realizing who or what is at work so I can cope with these stresses. Sorry if this is unrelated to the topic.

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