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Hey Paul/clownie-we meet again. Regarding spiritual warfare I have been taught to realize

that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. This means that Satan can not do anything of substance to me unless I invite him in. I will heed the warning above to be more careful with my mouth-it does tend to get me into bunches of trouble. The scripture passages about wearing the whole armor of God come to mind. Perhaps the original person starting this thread has heard of techniques of naming specific demons

and casting them down-such as demon of jealousy, etc. I personally do not practice this type of “warfare” believing in a more positive approach of keeping my focus on God and asking for his strength and reciting his Word when I’m afraid or feeling weak. Through prayer, the Word, Christian counsell and fellowship, singing spiritual songs, and carrying out the works/ministries God has called me to I find that the enemy is defeated. The jerk is only LIKE a roaring lion-he can only harm me if I let him.

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