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paul constantineau wrote:


I hope this will help.Read the book of Jude and think about what it is telling you.The person next to you could be a plant from hell.Sometimes they make it to paster but they are ungodly people. You need to be in prayer at all times so you will get the decernment about who sent them. GOD or that dirty dog Saten.

May GOD grant you wisdom in all you do….Amen56

Paul! Hello! and thanks for the reminder, we just studied the book of Jude this semester at seminary, and your absolutely right! I also take encouragement from the Pastoral Epistles too. The only way I can see to stop that “issue” on praize, is to encourage the humble and bold Christians here to join forces and admonish those who would create chaos and dissention for those of us who are looking for PURE Christian fellowship. The only answer (after Reading Jude again in response to your posting) would be to report them to the admin (that does not work) or leave the thread, or Praize all together. It is really hard to defend Christianity here without accountability from the staff….any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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